Physician Formulated

Cannabis + Botanicals

PROTANICALS™ is the only physician-formulated product line on the Oregon Cannabis market, combining cannabis and therapeutic doses of other botanicals. Protanicals products are standardized potency and offer reliable dosing to aid in supporting and restoring your health. Our herbs are sourced from ecologically conscious growers from around the world who are using regenerative methods. We are dedicated to pioneering the advancement of cannabinology with botanical medicine. Protanicals is guided by a hope for humanity, that we may assist in redefining approaches to wellness and healthcare.



PROTANICALS™ Hand Sanitizer

Keep your hands healthy with our new hand sanitizer. This new formulation contains Seaweed Gel (Wildcrafted Red Algae, Water), Organic Cane Alcohol, Organic Holy Basil Essential Oil, Organic Lemon Verbena Essential Oil, and Organic Orange Blossom Essential Oil.

Universal (1:1)

The Universal blend is designed with everyone in mind. A pure and simple formula with nothing but clean, craft, full spectrum cannabis extract suspended in a delicious blend of organic oils. This formula’s focus is on offering the user an effective tool to best utilize the entourage effect.

Relief (2:1)

The Relief blend is designed to support a healthy pain response. Find your personalized dosing strategy to help support relief from pain, inflammation and discomfort while retaining sharp focus and optimal cognitive performance.

Digest (5:1)

The Digest blend is designed to help keep your digestive system running smoothly. In addition to cannabis, this blend contains bitter herbs that stimulate our bitter receptors and help our digestive system function optimally.

Emerge (7:1)

The Emerge blend is designed to help you adapt to the stresses of daily life and to stimulate the restoration of your personal health and metamorphosis. This blend supports energy and adrenal health, helps to calm stress, supports a healthy nervous system, and balances sleep cycles.